Train Your Way. Your personalised training program.

Trying to squeeze your life around your training program is not the answer.

We’ve all done it. Moved appointments at work, turned down dinners with friends and fallen asleep on the couch – to the amusement of our family – early in the evening. It can work in the short term but it’s difficult to maintain long term if you have other commitments.

Sometimes you look at your training program sometimes and think to yourself “there’s no way I can do all that!“. But you try for a few weeks. And soon you feel exhausted because of the training you’ve done and guilty about the training you haven’t!

Sound familiar?

You’ve tried other coaches and other programs.
You’ve even tried writing your own training program.

But you’ve never found a structure or program that’s the right fit for you.

You’ve got big goals and dreams for your triathlon or trail running career. You know you’re capable of far more than you’ve achieved so far. But you aren’t sure how to get there… I can show you how.

The secret is that it’s all about you…

Your Goals. Your Life. Your Program. Your Way.

There are no stock standard, “off-the-shelf” training programs here at Sparta. I don’t take a standard program, stick your name on the top, add some specific times for you to hit in your training and then pass it off as “your” program.

Rather than starting with a program and then trying to squeeze your life to fit around it, my approach starts with you. We’ll start from the ground up by talking about your goals, background, lifestyle, time available, personality and other commitments. By starting there, I’m able to develop your program – your unique, customised program – that fits your life. Only then will we start talking about the training and how we can fit it around your commitments. I call this the Sparta Advantage ™.

You’ll feel confident that you can fit triathlon or trail running into your busy life. Plus you’ll get quality sessions that will quickly take you from your current level of fitness towards your goals and dreams.

The philosophy behind the Sparta Advantage ™ is simple…

It’s your life. Let’s work together to develop your unique program.

Sound good?

Ok. Let’s get started!

Step One: Choose Your Adventure! 

Trail running

Want to run faster and feel great about your running again?

Happy trails. Happy days.

Interested in training for something else? 

Whether it's to improve your parkrun time, your road Half Marathon or your first ever triathlon, send me a message and let's chat about how we can work together to make your goals come true!