Your Secret Weapon to *Finally* Run Faster – Over Any Distance!

There’s a frustration shared by many runners. You probably recognise it.

That no matter how much you run, you never seem to get much faster. 

You want to run faster.

But you’re tired at the end of the day. And the last thing you want to do is make another decision. So you take your normal loop through the neighbourhood so you don’t have to think too much. You feel flat and tired so you skip the hard efforts or hill repeats and just go out for an easy run.

Sometimes you push yourself and race the clock when you go out for a run, feeling amazing if you run faster than your previous time (and terrible if you don’t!). 

But despite all the training you’ve hit a plateau. And no matter what you do – or how fast you run or how much you race the clock – you never seem to get any faster. 

You’d like to think that you’re capable of more but sometimes you wonder if this running caper really is for you. You sometimes wonder whether you need to resign yourself to being a recreational runner who just runs for the stress relief.

But you are capable of more.
You are capable of running faster and further than you ever have before.

You can change your training and your mindset – do that and you’ll blast through the dreaded plateau you’ve found yourself in. 

Happy trails. Happy days.

It’s a great day when you see improvements. But when did you last feel that way?

If this sounds familiar, I’ve created 5 Faster just for you.

 5 Faster is a 6 week run training program that’s like a shot of caffeine, designed to kickstart your training, bust through the plateau and leave you running 5km faster than you ever have before.

If you’re feeling frustrated because you’ve stopped seeing improvements  – this program is for you.

Why is it different? 

Most people in the same position as you get stuck because they’ve download a generic, off-the-shelf program from the internet or designed their own training program. Red running sport shoes

But training programs are a jigsaw puzzle; to get the best results, they need to fit you. They need to take into account, and fit around, your goals, background, history, aspirations and goals, and available training time.

So this program – like every program here at Sparta – is completely 100% customised for youWe don’t start with a generic program and just add your name to the top and your prescribed speeds into pre-written sessions. Instead we start with you.

Your background, your training history, injuries, goals and available time plus all the other training you’re currently doing so we can make sure this program fits you. 

Who is it for? 

If you can tick one of these boxes, 5 Faster is for you ~

  • you’ve been running consistently for at least 6 months
  • you feel frustrated, like you’ve hit a wall and stopped seeing improvements in your running,
  • you enjoy your local parkrun and would like to make bigger improvements and go significantly faster, 
  • you enjoy running because it gives you some ‘me time’ where you don’t have to think about anything
  • you’re a long course triathlete who is getting frustrated with the lack of significant improvement in your run splits, or
  • you race the clock every time you run and never seem to get any faster.

If you already have a coach, please speak to them. Just ‘adding’ an extra program on top of your existing training isn’t going to get the results you want. But if you’re setting your own training program or using a generic program you’ve got off the internet, then 5 Faster will be perfect for you!

Yes! I'm ready to start my customised training programWhat do I get? 

A 6 week run training program that is customised to suit your lifestyle, training background, history, goals and aspirations that is updated weekly.

I don’t believe in giving you 6 weeks of training sessions upfront because there’s no wiggle room to adjust sessions as your lifestyle, work / social / family commitments etc require.

The number of run sessions in your program each week will depend on your training history and current training workload.

The program – delivered to you using a TrainingPeaks account – will include prescribed pace times for you to target during each session.

Plus you’ll get access to pick my brain and ask any questions you have about your training via email and receive a response within no more than 24 hours (except Sundays ’cause I’ve got to run too!)

How does it work? 

Click the green button below. You’ll be taken to Paypal where you can pay for your program.

You’ll immediately receive an email confirming your purchase.

Within 12 hours, you’ll receive a personal email from me saying hello and giving you some homework you need to do before I can start on your program. Your homework will be a form for you to complete and which will give me all the details I need to personalise your program (available training time, goal races, training background + history as well as injuries etc).

Once your homework has been returned to me (completed), I’ll get cracking on your program.

I will upload it to TrainingPeaks and you’ll be able to access it, and start training, no more than 48 hours after your homework is returned to me completed. Then you’re off and running (pun intended!

Please note: your purchase is non-refundable. Please shop mindfully.

What happens once the 6 week program is over? 

First, pop the champagne (or your beverage of choice!) and celebrate your hard work and improvement over the last 6 weeks,.

Then, as the 5 Faster program is designed as a ‘one-off’ to kickstart for your training, you can choose to ‘graduate’ into one of our other training programs.

Runner feet running on road closeup on shoe. woman fitness sunri

Got a question? Here are some FAQ’s

Q: Does it suit long course / endurance athletes? 

Yes, absolutely! And here’s why ~

If you want to run 21km (or longer) fast, then you need to be able to run 5km fast first. And this is a step that many endurance athlete’s miss in the pursuit of endurance events.

Many start by trying to make their (already) long run faster – which is a tough, time consuming slog that requires lots of time and buckets of patience.

But the more effective course of action is to develop the ability to run faster over shorter distances – and only then increase the distance you can hold that (faster) speed.

Q: How much time do I need to devote to it? I still want to ride and swim.

It depends!

You probably hate hearing that answer as much as I hate saying it.

But honestly, it depends on you. Your 5 Faster program is 100% completely and utterly personalised to suit you including your available time and your other commitments and goals (such as any other training you want or need to do). If you can only run 2x a week, then so be it.

Sure, more might be better (especially if you’re planning a long course race in the next 3 months). But if you can only do 2-3 run sessions each week, then 5 Faster is perfect because you can be confident that you’re making the most of your (limited) time and getting the most out of your run sessions.

Not sure you’re ready for this program? 

Please spend some time exploring my approach as well as the articles, newsletter and ebooks, all of which are free.

Get to know me and my style, If you like what you see, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like love program too. 


I am impressed with your program Jen. Week 1 is completed and it’s sooooo nice to be able to actually complete a week of training, without feeling flogged, overwhelmed or cluttered in amongst multiple other commitments. So far I’ve found the level of training really appropriate to my current state of minimal fitness. You really have listened to what I’ve said and taken my shift work into consideration. Thank you!
~ A nurse on shift work in Melbourne, Australia (name withheld by request)
Yes! I'd like to buy my '5 Faster' program now