“I’m a runner.”

There is a certain pride associated with being a runner.

Doing something which many other people can’t possibly comprehend.

Being described as “crazy” by friends and family who don’t understand.

What kind of person gets out of bed on a cold, dark morning to go outside & do something which puts often outside out comfort zone?

Only those who are “that kind of person” need apply here!

Helping you run as much as you want – uninterrupted by injury – is my mission here at SPARTA.

So I’ve pulled together some of the best resources here at SPARTA to help you do just that!

The mental game

Next Time: 15 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Dreams
A Love Story: The First Time I Fell (in Love with Trail Running)
18 Again: What Top Athletes Wished They Knew at 18

Want to avoid injury?

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a GRID Instead of a Foam Roller – and How to Win One! 
3 Ways My Crystal Ball Can Predict Your Next Injury
8 Things Your Body Wants You to Know
4 Things You Need to Know About Your Trigger Points
How to Give Your ITB Some TLC
Let the Good Times Roll: How to Use a Foam Roller

Fix Your Flexibility

How to Improve Your Flexibility in 5 Seconds
Your Flexibility Sucks: Here’s How to Improve It

On Training

Diary of a Heel Striker: Part 1 – In the Starting Blocks
The 3 Worst Mistakes Runners Make: Mistake #3 – Wasting the 5 most important minutes of your training session
The 3 Worst Mistakes Runners Make: Mistake #2 – doing recovery sessions that suck
The 3 Worst Mistakes Runners Make: Mistake #1 – being unstable
Why Australia’s Prime Minister Should be Rolled – And You Should Too!
Want to Run Faster Uphill?
The 2 Most Important Things to Do After Your Race
Why Your Recovery Sessions Are Doing More Harm Than Good

Case Studys

Case Study: From Surgery to Ironman 70.3 on 10 Weeks Training 

Have you read our interview series?

Benita Willis – World Cross Country Champion & (soon-to-be 4 x Olympian)
Dr Martin Fryer – winner of the 2011 Sri Chimroy 6 day race in New York & multiple other world-class ultramarathons
Keith Bateman – 5 x World Record holder (age group)

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