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How to Improve Your Flexibility in 5 seconds

I have a client. Let’s call him Bob. Bob is a big guy and, like most men, doesn’t think of himself as flexible. And, although he hasn’t said it, I suspect he thinks being flexible isn’t important. But flexibility – which includes having a good range of motion through your joints – is essential in order to […]

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6-5-1@SPARTA interview with Martin Fryer

Aside from being: a biomedical scientist employed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia (where he is involved in assessing the scientific data supporting the marketing of new prescription medicines), an accomplished tennis player & coach, National-ranked skydiver (with over 900 jumps!) and husband & father, Dr Martin Fryer is the one of the best of […]

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4 Things You Need to Know about Trigger Points

Use a pool noodle in place of a foam roller

I get asked questions about a lot of topics. When I sat down & tried to work out which was the most common topic, I was surprised to find it was about triggers points & ability of tools like foam rollers & pool noodles to treat them. I am not sure why I was surprised. […]

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Your Flexibility Sucks & How to Improve It

I think “flexibility” sucks. When you hear the word “flexibility”, what do you think? If you are like most people you probably think of: *  needing to become a contortionist & twist yourself into various pretzel-like shapes; * “stretching sucks. It’s boring. There are other/better things I need to do”; * “ I’m naturally inflexible […]

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The 3 Worst Mistakes Runners Make – Mistake #3

During the last 2 posts, we’ve been exploring the 3 Biggest Mistakes Runners Make – Mistake #1 – Being Unstable; Mistake #2 – Doing Recovery Sessions that Suck. In the final instalment this week, we explore – Mistake #3 – Wasting the 5 Most Important Minutes of any Training Session

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The 3 Worst Mistakes Runners Make – Mistake #2

Last time I shared one of the 3 worst mistakes that runners make – being unstable. Running requires you to balance on 1 leg & do a single leg squat somewhere between 75 to 90+ times per minute yet most people are unable to do the same movement in a controlled environment. I would love […]

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The 3 Worst Mistakes Runners Make – Mistake #1

You could say that my Achilles has not been my achilles heel (touch wood). However I have managed to injure just about every other lower leg muscle (& some more than once) since I started running. So this is a topic close to my heart. Running is something humans have evolved to do over thousands […]

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The 2 most important things to do after your goal race

How do I recover from a race

Do you want to get injured early next season? No, I didn’t think so. So it’s 2 days after Ironman Australia & the 70.3 race here in beautiful Port Macquarie. Having a beer, spending time with your (neglected) family & friends, enjoying a few desserts, sleeping-in & reflecting on how the big day unfolded are […]

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6-5-1@SPARTA: interview with Keith Bateman

How fast do you run 10kms? How fast would you like to run 10kms when you are 55+ years of age? How does 31mins 51 sec sound? Meet Keith Bateman – our next interview in the 6-5-1 @ SPARTA series – who holds not 1 but 4 age group world records on the track. Keith […]

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Who dares wins…

I used to hate that truth or dare game we played as kids. I remember once being dared to knock on the neighbour’s window. I have absolutely no recollection of who dared me to do it nor of the person who lived there. The only thing I can remember is how terrified I was. How […]

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Why your recovery sessions are doing more harm than good

What would you say if I suggested that the ideal active recovery session should take no more than 14 minutes? Yes that’s right. 14 minutes. We all want to recover faster from, and adapt to, the hours of hard training we do. But what if your recovery sessions actually reduce your chances of achieving your […]

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Get ITB Pain While Running? Give your ITB some TLC…

iliotibal band syndrome

Edit May 2013: I’ve just written a follow up post where I walk you through the exact steps I use to help fix an ITB problem. Click here to read 5 Steps to Get Rid of ITB Pain After Running Permanently. Thanks for visiting! I.T.B. These 3 (seemingly) innocuous letters strike fear into the heart […]

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