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Get ITB Pain While Running? Give your ITB some TLC…

iliotibal band syndrome

Edit May 2013: I’ve just written a follow up post where I walk you through the exact steps I use to help fix an ITB problem. Click here to read 5 Steps to Get Rid of ITB Pain After Running Permanently. Thanks for visiting! I.T.B. These 3 (seemingly) innocuous letters strike fear into the heart […]

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5 easy ways to boost your performance

This post was written for Triathlon Week and was published on 11 February 2011. Although it specifically refers to triathlon, all of the tips are equally applicable to anyone regardless of your sport or lifestyle. Everyday life creates stress; physical, mental and emotional. This stress can manifest itself in your body in different ways including […]

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Why bodybuilders are to blame..

If I mention weight training, what do you think of? Most people, I suspect, think of bodybuilders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, on stage flexing their guns dressed only in a skimpy piece of cloth which should not be seen outside the privacy of one’s bedroom. Unfortunately weight training seems to suffer as a result of this […]

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