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6 must-ask questions before working with a coach

6 must-ask questions before you working with a coach

Working with a coach is one of the most challenging yet effective ways to improve your training and racing performance.Challenging because they will probably push you harder than you’re likely to push yourself.Effective because the right coach will create a program and environment that brings out the best in you, resulting in faster improvements, less […]

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3 things NOT to do the next time you have a running injury

You get teased by relatives at Christmas parties and called ‘crazy’ by friends who don’t understand. You’ve chosen to chase your goals, test the limits of your comfort zone and have the courage to question what you’re made of. (Many people go through life never asking that important question!)But life as an endurance athlete, of […]

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Don’t do this before your next race…

Race day mistakes - don't make this one

So it’s the day before your race and you’re at the expo. Money is burning a hole in your pocket and there are so many cool things you’d love to buy.A sleek time trial helmet – surely it’s faster than my current helmet?The latest model of my favourite running shoes has been released? Great!Oh I […]

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3 Ways Trail Running Makes You a Faster Triathlete

I’ve written previously about my first time… The first time I went trail running that is! I still remember it like it was yesterday. Even today as a triathlon coach, I still adore trail running. It’s my happy place; where I find space and calm amidst the noise of my world. For me, it’s food […]

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Enjoying your off-season? Read THIS first.

The alarm clocks shatters your deep sleep. Through squinting eyes the room looks dark. Very dark. Surely it’s too early to get out of your cosy warm bed on a cold morning to train. Your arm – which has been outside the blankets – is freezing. You think “Screw it. I don’t have a race […]

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40 Things I Never Told You

A deeply personal post for once! I’ve seen a few of these posts over the years but have never written one myself. So I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on myself for once. I’ve exposed a few personal stories over the years (here and here) but I’ve never written anything like […]

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If Not Now, When?

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt When work settles down. When the kids are a bit older. When the kids go to primary / high school When cricket / football / netball / footy season is over. When we aren’t short-staffed at work anymore. When I’m not […]

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