You’ve got goals to achieve and dreams to fulfil.

You're proud of what you've achieved so far...

…but you can’t help but feel a little frustrated that you haven’t achieved more. And if you’re honest with yourself, you’re a little impatient too – but that’s only because you love what you do.

You’ve tried other coaches and other programs.
You’ve even tried writing your own program.

But you’ve never quite found one that’s the right fit for you. You’ve been left feeling exhausted and overloaded, struggling to fit all your training in around your busy life and feeling guilty for missing a session when you couldn’t.

Or worse still – constantly battling injury or whatever is the latest illness going around work. You know you’re capable of more from your triathlon or trail running career. But you aren’t sure how to get there…

The good news is that there’s a better way to fit your training into your life; your way.

About Me...

Hi, I’m Jen Brown, the Chief Coach and Owner of Sparta PT.

I specialise in working with busy, everyday people – often with unpredictable schedules – who love triathlons or trail running – to help them fit training into their busy lives.

In a previous life, I was a lawyer (with a long commute!) so I know how hard it is to balance all the different commitments in your life.

Since 2010, both as Personal Trainer and now as a running and Triathlon Coach, I’ve worked together with hundreds of triathletes and trail runners, from the very new – those training for their 1st ever race – through to those racing the Ironman triathlon and 50km trail running events.

I love trail running, red wine and coffee (not necessarily in that order!). I’m addicted to House of Cards and Criminal Minds.

And I believe that life is too short to live a less-than-extraordinary existence.

It’s all about YOU

The secret to my approach is that rather then starting with a program and then trying to squeeze your life to fit the program, my difference starts with you.

Your unique lifestyle, goals, time available, background, personality and other commitments. By starting there, I’m able to develop your program – your unique, customised program – that fits your life.

No more missed sessions because you can’t make the time.
No more guilt because you’ve had to miss sessions.
No more excessive tiredness because you’ve trained too much or didn’t get enough sleep.

Your training. Your way.

And the real secret is that for me, it’s personal.

We’re a team.
It’s a partnership.

Whether it’s a customised triathlon training program or trail running program, we join forces for 6 weeks to develop your 5km run speed or you join in the fun over at Sparta Chicks, we’ll work together to make your dreams a reality.

You’ll have someone standing by your side who believes in you (often more than you believe in yourself!) and who wants you to succeed. I don’t stand there like a dictator and tell you what your training should look like.  Let’s face it – you know yourself better than I ever could!

So we’ll work together to develop your program; one that fits into your busy life so you can achieve the goals you dream of.  You will feel confident knowing that your program is practical and doable. Plus it allows us to make sure you can train consistently, keep your energy levels high while developing the speed, strength and fitness you need to achieve your dreams.

If this sounds like the type of training you’ve been looking for, have a look at how we can work together or get in contact me with today.

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