40 Things I Never Told You

My happy place - the Himalayas!

My happy place – the Himalayas!

A deeply personal post for once!

I’ve seen a few of these posts over the years but have never written one myself.

So I thought it would be fun to turn the tables on myself for once.

I’ve exposed a few personal stories over the years (here and here) but I’ve never written anything like this before.

Don’t worry, we’ll return to normal broadcasting next week 🙂

1. In year 4 at school, I was threatened with the cane because I couldn’t do understand fractions. Truly. Needless to say, even to this day I’ve never enjoyed anything to do with maths.

2. I love eating frozen peas & corn (yes, while they are still frozen)

3. I’ve been hit by a car whilst riding my bike twice in my life. The first time happened when I was a kid. Ok, so technically I rode into it but it was moving at the time.

4. I am addicted to social media.

5. And coffee.

6. Red is my favour colour (not orange contrary to popular belief).

7. I am addicted to buying books. I lurve books. I have multiple piles of unread books laying around the house. My taste is very eclectic – everything from business and self-development through to French and Scottish history, political and historical biographies to the classics of literature. Oh and sports. I love reading too. I just don’t get to do it enough these days.

8. I found life as a lawyer to be very demoralising. Loved the work, loved my clients. But it’s such a freaking antiquated way to run a business that it sucks the soul out of 90% of the people involved in it IMHO.

9. My first time in a plane was on a family holiday to Fiji when I was 10. I was absolutely convinced that the plane was going to crash – I was terrified – until take off. And as soon as I felt the sensation of the plane leaving the ground, I fell in love with it. I still do. Even though I’m more likely to have my head stuck in a book for the entire flight. Yes, I’m one of those people who never even turn on their entertainment units!

10. My nickname as a kid was possum. I have absolutely no idea why (nor do my parents).

Meet 'Kiddo' :)

Meet ‘Kiddo’ 🙂

11. I’m secretly  jealous of people who can play musical instruments. I’ve never played anything other than the recorder and triangle at primary school.

12. Trail running is my first love. I still remember the amazing rush and sense of “this is what I’m meant to do” that I felt during my first trail run about 10 years ago.

13. I’m really stubborn and will do the opposite to what you want me to do.

14. I don’t fall for reverse psychology either.

15. I wanted to be a lawyer from about the age of 15 or 16. I blame LA Law.

16. I was fascinated by Mt Everest as a kid. I still am. I’ll watch or read anything + everything about it. I would climb it in a heart beat if I had the opportunity (and the funds).

17. My younger brother and I used to build cubby houses in our bedrooms on Christmas Eve and sneak into our parent’s bedroom while they were at work to try and find where they had hidden our presents. They were bloody good at hiding things because we rarely found anything

18. I would love to get a tattoo but fear being one of those saggy old tattooed women.

19. I really want to ask someone who has an Ironman “M-dot” tattoo why they didn’t just get the “golden arches” instead. I don’t see the difference; it’s just another corporate logo. But I’m too polite to ask 🙂

20. Despite the fact that my younger brother, and only sibling, is 38 and considerably taller than me, I still call him ‘Kiddo’.

Trail running - my first love

Trail running – my first love

21. I studied French for 18 months before I spent a month in France about 10 years ago. I wish I’d kept going with it. It’s the only language I’ve ever studied since I finished my obligatory 6 months of German, French and Italian in Year 7 and 8 at school. My knowledge of Tagalog (my husband’s native language) is limited to food and rude words 🙂

22. I’ve climbed mountains on 3 continents.

23. Mountaineering and trekking is my second great love. Unfortunately I don’t get to do it very often these days.

24. I own an ice axe.

25. My all-time favourite book is the Power of One by Bryce Courtenay.

26. The book The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz – which I first read when I was about 14 – changed my life.

27. I’m an atheist.

28. My first car was an orange Toyota Corolla. I named her Hillary. Yes, after Hillary Clinton.

29. I’m an introvert. I don’t like crowds and I hate going to parties and events where I don’t know anyone. It sucks the life out of me and I come home exhausted and wanting to hide.

30. I need to spend time with my head stuck in a book on Sunday afternoon in order to recharge my (introverted) batteries. If that doesn’t happen, I’m unsettled for the whole week.

Yes, it does exist!

Yes, it does exist!

31. I feel deeply connected to my ancestors. I don’t believe in the afterlife so they aren’t with me; they are part of me. It’s hard to describe. I’m very aware of, and grateful to be, the culmination of thousands of generations of people and they are all a part of making me who I am today. When I’m nervous or scared, I remind myself that the blood of generations of strong women runs through my veins and it gives me strength.

32. I had actually decided to give up law and become an archaeologist. I was due to enrol to study, and move to Queensland, and then I met someone special 🙂

33. I get frustrated when people talk to me like I’m an idiot (you’d be surprised how often it happens when people first hear that you’re a personal trainer).

34. I have a Masters degree in Law (with a major in Intellectual Property).

35. I still remember the day I tried to climb the pool fence in our backyard in my school uniform – a dress. I was in primary school at the time. I went to jump down but my dress got caught and left me hanging from the top of the fence like a scarecrow until mum came to rescue me. I’m not afraid of climbing fences these days though I refrain from doing so if I’m in a dress or skirt.

36. We’ve had the same Christmas-morning ritual for 37 of the past 39 years. It involves staying at Mum and Dad’s place on Christmas Eve (despite the fact they just live around the corner).

37. I’m a brand snob (at least my husband thinks so).

38. I get motion-sickness. Terribly as a kid. Not too bad now – just don’t ask me to read a map on a winding road or get on a boat.

39. Turning 40 scares me. It’s been something I’ve dreaded for the last few years.

40. I turn 40 tomorrow 🙂

Rocking the latest fashion on the sunset of Uluru - circa 1981

Rocking the latest fashion on the sunset of Uluru – circa 1981

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