The Number #1 Way to Improve Your Cycling

It’s pretty simple.

The best way to improve at something – anything – is to do it consistently.

(‘Tell me something I don’t know’ I hear you say!)

But being able to train consistently requires a body that doesn’t breakdown; that doesn’t get all the aches, pains, injuries and niggles that restrict how hard you can train – or worse, how often you can train. Missing training sessions due to injury is not fun!

But missing training sessions (or doing sessions at a less-than-ideal intensity) is one of the biggest reasons for a lack of consistency in training – and  improvement in your performance.

Think back to the last few months. How many times have you missed a session or weren’t able to push as hard as you would have liked because of a niggle, ache or pain in your body?

So the key to improving your cycling is NOT to ride more.

The key simply is to stay injury free.

Of course, that’s much easier said than done.

What are your weaknesses? 

“Overuse injury” is a phrase that gets thrown around far too easily.

It implies that the injured body part was used too much.

What a load of cr*p.

Most injuries are not the result of “overuse”. 

Just because your body isn’t able to handle the training load you try to force onto it doesn’t make it an overuse injury; it’s because of a weakness.

ITB injuries are caused by weak hip muscles &/or weak adductors (inner thighs).

Lower back pain is generally caused by a weak core.

Achilles injuries are caused by a weak tendon and tight calf muscles.

Of course, no-one likes to admit their weaknesses (least of all me!). But doing so is crucial if you are going to (truly) understand your body and improve as a cyclist and athlete (not to mention, as a human being).

So the key to being able to train consistently is to work on your weaknesses (of course while maintaining your strengths).

For many triathletes and cyclists, the most common weaknesses are:

  • a weak core which results in lower back pain during your long rides
  • tight hip flexors and quads (thighs) which leave you feeling, and walking, like a crippled old man after a ride
  • tight shoulders giving you neck and upper back pain.

Riding more is one way to improve your cycling. But it won’t fix your weaknesses. [Click to tweet].

So I’ve put together a program to help you do just that!

Here is a (short) video of a program you can use to work on your weaknesses. This will help you to prevent injuries and build a strong and stable body with few (or minimal weaknesses) which will allow you to train consistently and improve as a cyclist or triathlete.

All in as little as 15 minutes.

This video is actually a sneak peak behind the scenes of the (Tour de France inspired) cycling program called To The Max I have created which is launching shortly.

I’ve created this program to help some of the more common injuries and frustrations that I hear from many cyclists and triathletes like you. You can click here to find out more about To the Max.

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It’s the middle of 2012. What condition will you be in by the end of the year?

With weaknesses still slowing you down and interrupting your training schedule? Or strong, stable and far ahead of your competitors?

It’s your choice!