Next Time: 15 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Dreams

Next time, I’m going to…

…do more core exercises

…do less mileage

… do more stretching

…stop wasting time on Facebook

…start doing strength training

…get more sleep

…do more quality sessions

…get down to my race weight

…drink more water

…drink less beer

…eat more fresh foods

…eat less chocolate

…get more massages

…start using a foam roller

…stop staying up late.

Which of these did you say after your last race?

And how are you going with that?

Soon-to-be 4 time Olympian, marathon runner and former World Cross-Country Champion, Benita Willis, calls them the “one per centers”.

The minor, non-core elements of your training which can make a huge difference to how quickly your hard work & long hours of training time away from your family are converted into more speed and power (not to mention lowering your risk of getting injured).

Don’t forget that…

From little things big things grow

Confession time ~ I’ve probably said all of them (if you substitute “beer” with “red wine”) over the years! But now I’m taking steps to make sure that I do what I say I’m going to do.

Time for your confession – scroll down to the comments below & let me know: which ones have you said? Did you “walk the talk” & follow through on what you said you were going to do? And if not, what support or help would you need to do just that?

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