3 Ways My Crystal Ball Can Predict Your Next Injury

It happens one day when you least expect it.

Your training is all going well. You are consistently ticking the sessions off your program.

Looking back at your sessions, you know that your average pace is increasing. You feel fitter and stronger and confident that this might the time you finally pull together all the pieces and have a perfect preparation ahead of your goal race for the year.

And then it happens.

A niggle appears one day. It hangs around for a few days. And then it slowly – but surely – gets worse.

Oh you think to yourself “oh shit, not again…”

But here is the secret – it doesn’t have to be that way.

Unless you have a fall or crash, injuries are not just an unfortunate turn of events.

I’m just unlucky…

Sorry. But no you aren’t.

Injuries don’t magically happen because you are “unlucky”.

Factors you aren’t even aware of (or may be aware of but choose to ignore) combine and the inevitable niggle appears. Quite simply, most injuries are the result of being too weak, too tight, too lose or too unstable somewhere in your body.

But the hard part is knowing which one applies to you.

Your particular injury may have a different cause than your training buddy has (or had) an injury in the same area.

My crystal ball says..

So here is where my crystal ball comes into it. It has a knack for predicting your next injury – even before you might be aware of it!
Looking into my crystal ball (that is my practice), there are certain factors are common in certain types of injuries.

So let’s look into my crystal ball for you. Here is a little test – below are 5 questions. Award yourself 1 point for each question that you answer with a “yes”:

1/.  Can you balance on each foot for 30 seconds?

No wobbling, no putting the other foot back down onto the ground. No wrapping one foot around the other. Just solid, balanced & unwobbly balance.

2/. Can you perform a squat with~

(a) your toes tracking over your knees without dropping in towards your toes or outwards? Like this ~


(b) with your hips keeping in alignment and not twisting or rotating from one side to another? Not like this ~ 

Award yourself ½ point for each part of this question you answer ‘yes’.

Make sure you do this one in front of a mirror and/or get someone else to watch you; they may be able to spot something you miss.

3/. Has anyone ever told you that (or do you think) you have bad posture?

4/. Do you get back pain when you lay flat on your back in bed?

5/. Have you even been told (or noticed) a foot or arm does something ‘funky’ when you run or walk?

So here is what the crystal ball reveals ~

The higher your score, the higher you risk of injury & the sooner your next injury is.

It’s simple really. So knowing your problem region is the first step. In future posts we’ll look at what you could do to fix it. In the meantime ~

I’d love to know ~ What is your score? What question(s) did you answer ‘yes’ and what was your last injury?

P.S. To answer my own question – my score is 2!

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