3 Simple Ways to Produce More Power (& Avoid Those Dreaded Triathlon Injuries!)

Many passionate triathletes like you strive to produce more power & avoid injuries. But these are things we often struggle to do most (if not all) of the time.

So I thought I would show you 3 simple ways to do just that!

Now I should warn you ~ it may not be immediately apparent why I have chosen these exercises. They certainly don’t look like anything you would do in your next race!

Now there are long & complicated reasons I could give to justify their inclusion. But I don’t want to bore you to tears. Suffice to say, each in its own way addresses (& helps to overcome) some of the more common problems most triathletes have.

The ability to stabilise your core (and note there is a distinction between your ‘core’ and your ‘abs’ but that is a discussion worthy of its own blog post!), to push through your hips & move freely through your upper body & shoulders is key to maximising the amount of power you can produce & your efficient use of that power.

Buying new ‘toys’ &  equipment is one (often expensive) way to gain speed & power. But addressing the ways you are wasting the power & energy you do produce (because you have a weak core or weak hips) is the quickest, and cheapest, way to do it.

So try one of these exercises over the week & let me know what you think!