The Art of Achieving EPIC Results

There are times in your life when you have to step up & do things.

Things you know you should do.

Things you don’t want to do. Or can’t be bothered doing.

Things that will make a significance difference to the outcome.

Things that will contribute to your success, bringing you pride, joy & satisfaction in the process.

EPIC things.

The things that stand you apart from your competitors.

The things that stand you apart from the person you once were.

The person who always gets injured. The person who always gets sick. The person who always looks set for a fantastic performance & then fails to follow through.

It is 17 weeks today until Ironman Australia. 11 weeks until Ironman Melbourne. 12 weeks until triathlon season starts in the  northern hemisphere. Any number of weeks away from your next goal event.

The time to step up is now.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop making time (or a lack of it) an excuse.

You have all the time there is. There ain’t no more.

Use it. And use it wisely.

In pursuit of the big things – the long, hard training sessions – don’t forget the small things. Flexibility. Massage. Hydration. Nutrition. Core & hip stability. Sleep.

The things you regret not doing when you get injured. Or don’t get the result you want.

Let go of regret.

Do the EPIC things.

The things which your competitor’s aren’t doing. The things the “old you” wouldn’t have done.

You never quite know where EPIC actions will lead you. You just might make this the year you achieve EPIC things.