How to Improve Your Flexibility in 5 seconds

I have a client. Let’s call him Bob.

Bob is a big guy and, like most men, doesn’t think of himself as flexible. And, although he hasn’t said it, I suspect he thinks being flexible isn’t important.

But flexibility – which includes having a good range of motion through your joints – is essential in order to avoid injuries. And, not surprising, Bob has had more than his fair share of them.

It may sound like hype but there is an easy and quick way to improve your flexibility. So quick in fact that significant improvements can be made within 5 seconds. Perfect for those of us who don’t enjoy stretching or get bored by it. When we tried this technique on Bob, the distance he was able to stretch his hamstring improved by almost 10 centrimetres in a matter of seconds.


It’s simple.

When you stretch say at the end of a training session, your body’s neurological system instinctively protects your body by stopping you from stretching too far and putting yourself at risk of injury.

So there is a technique you can use which will override this ‘instinctive’ reaction and ‘teach’ your body that it is safe for you to stretch your muscles. And once your body realises that it is safe to do so, your body will relax enough to let you (safely) stretch even further.

So how do you achieve this? For something different, I thought I’d show you –