The 2 most important things to do after your goal race

Do you want to get injured early next season?

No, I didn’t think so.

So it’s 2 days after Ironman Australia & the 70.3 race here in beautiful Port Macquarie. Having a beer, spending time with your (neglected) family & friends, enjoying a few desserts, sleeping-in & reflecting on how the big day unfolded are all part of most people’s post-race ritual especially when it has been your goal race for the season. How do I recover from a race

Thinking about training for next season is probably far from mind. But your actions today & over the coming days & weeks can have a huge impact on your next season.

Neglecting your recovery now can increase your risk being injured when you start training for next season.

Of course you want to enjoy your off-season. So here are 2 quick & easy things you can do today & in the days ahead which will improve your recovery from this race & reduce your risk of injury next season

1/. Use a foam roller

Trigger points are sore or tight spots in your body where your body has stored tension or stress. They limit how much your muscles and fascia can stretch, contract and move – in effect, they restrict and limit your range of motion in your muscles and joints causing discomfort and pain.

If you don’t address your trigger points, they can become ‘embedded’ and ultimately change your posture, limit your range of motion & change the way you move.

So when you return to training for next season, you put your body under a training load it may have handled last season but can’t handle now due to the way your posture & movement patterns have changed, increasing your risk of starting next season with an injury.

So spend some time – 5 or 10mins is sufficient – every day or two using a foam roller to release your trigger points.

2/. Do active recovery sessions properly.

You probably have absolutely no inclination to do any form of exercise right now; I get that.

So you’ll be pleased to know that the best active recovery sessions are short; regardless of whether you swim, ride, run or simply walk, no more than 14mins of movement at less than 65% of your maximum heart rate will enough.

These active recovery sessions have lots of great benefits including:

  • giving you a dose of usual post-exercise ‘high’ that we all love;
  • flushing toxins out of your system;
  • flooding your body with oxygen & nutrient-rich blood; and
  • helping your endocrine (hormonal) system recover from the physical, mental & emotional stress you have been under for the last 12 + weeks.

Used together, these 2 quick & easy tips will make a big difference to how your body responds when you start training again for next season.

You spent so long training for your goal race this season. Do yourself a favour & get next season off to a great start!