6-5-1 @ SPARTA: interview with Lisa Marangon

Welcome to our latest instalment of 6-5-1 @ SPARTA – our monthly feature where we chat with someone who has achieved success in their chosen sport to get a bit of an insight about what motivates them & what has contributed to their success.

This month I am pleased to be able to introduce you to Lisa Marangon.

Lisa has been in the sport of triathlon for many years. She won the 18-24 age group at Ironman Australia in 2003 & went onto finish 2nd in her age group at the Hawaii Ironman that same year and 3rd the following year.

Since becoming a professional in 2004, Lisa has placed in the top 10 females at several Ironman races, won 7 Half Ironman races throughout Australia as well as numerous other races over shorter distances.

This year Lisa has turned her hand to racing on the ITU circuit with her eye fixed firmly on a spot on the Australian Olympic team.

All of this has been achieved while raising a son who is now 11 years old.

Without further delay, welcome Lisa to SPARTA –

1/.What is the biggest challenge to your motivation & how do you overcome that?

Being a mum. Being organised and motivated to complete sessions drives me to be good at what I do. I put so much time and sacrifice into it that when I do succeed it means so much to me.

2/.  Aside from training for the 3 disciplines, what other training do you do (eg, strength, stretching, core etc) and how important is it to your performance?

I do pilates 3 x a week, yoga 1 x and strength 2 x. As we grow older our body needs the maintenance work. Injury prevention is what I do it for.

 3/.  What impact did your parents’ input have on your success?

 I haven’t grown up with a mum in my life,  just my dad. He used to take me to a variety of sports every week and when he coached me in soccer, he used to drive me to be better.

4/.  Who is the person that has had the most influence on your sporting success?

Firstly my dad.

Secondly my son. I want to be a good role model to him as he only has me (his dad passed away from a heart attack hence why I love to be fit and healthy). 

5/.   What strategies do you use when you have an injury or a disappointing result?

In regards to injury, I get the best advice on how to overcome the injury and follow the procedure they tell me to.

In regards to bad result, I analyse my race and forward to my coach my thoughts on where I went wrong and what to make better. He gives me his feedback. Then I make sure I don’t do the same thing for the next race.

6/.  If you could go back & give one piece of advice to yourself at 18, what would it be?

I believe life is a journey and we can’t change our past just accept ourselves since we were young. Things turn out the way they do for a reason and I am grateful for everything I have. Learning so much since I was 18 has been one amazing roller coaster and I wouldn’t give any advice (maybe to be a whole lot more confident about myself)

Thanks Lisa & best of luck on your quest for that spot on the Olympic team!

You can follow Lisa’s adventures on her website

Photo credit: Delly Carr / Sportshoot