Run Your Own Race


Struggling trying to fit your triathlon or running training around your busy life?

You don't have to struggle, feel guilty or frustrated.

There's a better way to train; your way.

Find my way

It's easy to work out the best way for you to train...

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Train your way

Trying to squeeze your life around your training program is not the answer. You look at a training program and think to yourself “there’s no way I can do all that”. But you try for a few weeks. And soon you feel exhausted because of the training you’ve done and frustrated and guilty about the training you haven’t!

You’ve tried other coaches and other programs. 

You’ve even tried writing your own program.

But you’ve never quite found one that’s the right fit for you.

You know you’re capable of more from your triathlon or trail running career. But you aren’t sure how to get there. But I can show you how. The secret is that it’s all about you…

Your Goals. Your Life. Your Program. Your Way.

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Barbara Aravelo Ironman Australia finisher, 2014

Jen works with you holistically. Every aspect of who you are is looked into to make sure that you are getting the best out of YOU. 
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